Sofia was born in 1982 in Buenos Aires, Argentina into a family of artists.
In her art you'll find female portraits that invite you into a dreamlike world where the woman and her sorroundings interwine, connect. They are women with deep, mysterious looks, who want to tell us something.
Sofia currently lives in Abingdon,England where she works as an artist and illustrator.
Sofía Bonati nació y creció en Buenos Aires dentro de una familia de artistas. 
En sus obras encontrás retratos femeninos que invitan a adentrarse en un mundo onírico en donde la mujer y su alrededor se entrelazan, se conectan. Son mujeres de miradas profundas, misteriosas, que nos quieren decir algo.
Sofia actualmente vive en Inglaterra, donde se desarrolla como artista e ilustradora.

 "Sofia Bonati presents a lysergic, mystical surrealism that is capable of recovering from our senses a strong connection with a certain anachronistic place in the physiognomy of women as dreamy as they are concrete.
Patterns intersect or converge, mirrors fold or intersperse in discordant or, at the limit, perfect symmetries.
The trance conveyed from her art provokes the confirmation of space-time as just one of the possibilities of the visual experience, and perhaps this is the mechanism that transforms Sofia's production into an eternally young and refreshing aesthetic throes (although its impact surprises us with unexpected and dense emotions)." - Marcio Tito.